If your objective is to increase awareness of your company and/or product and improve your bottom line, consider the following Top 13 Reasons why partnering with Racing For Jesus Ministries makes good business sense:

◦A race car is a traveling billboard, displaying your company/product name to millions as our team travels to events (races, car shows, etc.) in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and California.

◦The driver and all team members can wear uniforms displaying your company logo. This team apparel (t-shirts, hats, etc) can be made available to fans and to your company employees.

◦The team itself serves as “spokespeople” for your company/product, putting forth our best efforts to promote recognition and loyalty to your business.

◦Public address announcements at tracks with your company’s name being broadcast every time we race: In 2010, for example, we set 4 track records out of the 7 tracks we raced at, won 3 main events, finished in the Top 5 in half the races we competed in, and won the Outlaw Compact Auto Racing Championship, giving us much publicity. Imagine how frequently your company’s name will be advertised to thousands of fans when you partner with a winner!

◦Advertising in motorsports is more cost-effective than most other forms of advertising. Compare the cost of partnership with the costs of billboard, newspaper, television, or radio advertising.

◦Your company’s promotional “giveaways” with your company logo can be distributed to fans at all tracks and other events.

◦We would invite you to stage employee events, promotional nights or other activities at the various speedways where YOUR DRIVER AND TEAM participate. In addition, we will gladly visit your place of business, where you and your employees can get to know YOUR DRIVER AND TEAM and have photographs taken with the team and racecar. Imagine how much your employees will enjoy having their own race team at the annual company picnic or other company function!

◦NASCAR is one of the four major sports holding 17 of the top 20 highest attended sporting events and is the number one spectator sport in the nation. Chad has been licensed with NASCAR for many years.

◦Motorsports has a longer season than most other spectator sports, with our season lasting from April through October. This gives your company months more exposure than sponsorship of other sports.

◦Fans are intensely loyal to their favorite sport and racing team and their team’s sponsors. NASCAR fans are the most brand-loyal in all of sports, and as a result Fortune 500 Companies participate in NASCAR more than any other sport. Our team has a very strong fan base, and we feel confident that our fans would support our marketing partners.

◦In addition to racing, our team visits churches, children’s clubs, benefit car shows, and more. Each year, we select a local nonprofit to “sponsor”, and a portion of all our proceeds is donated to this local charity. We also assist with this nonprofit’s fundraising efforts, where appropriate. Partnering with our team is an excellent way to demonstrate your company’s community involvement!

◦Racing is an expensive sport, and your partnership is vital to our being able to stay competitive, keep the racecar and equipment in good running condition, and attend all of our scheduled races and ministry events. As small business owners ourselves, we understand your advertising needs and are committed to helping you achieve the goals of your business in appreciation for helping us reach our goal. We will continually strive to promote a mutually beneficial relationship with you as a partner. A win-win situation!

◦Partnership packages are available at many levels. We are happy to work with you to create a custom program that will fit the needs of your business. We understand that a good marketing partnership takes much more than on-track performance, and we want to go the extra mile for you!

Following are our suggested partnership/giving levels. We are, however, happy to work with you to customize a partnership plan to better fit the needs of your company!

◦“Rolling billboard” advertising, as our team travels to events throughout the Northwest.
◦We will distribute brochures, product samples, or “giveaways” bearing your company logo to fans at all races and events.
◦Public address announcements at tracks.
◦Listed as partner/sponsor on our web site, with link.
◦Your company/product name or logo on the race car.
◦A team T-shirt.
◦The use of our Racing For Jesus Ministries logo, photographs, and videos for your use in promotional advertising
◦Our best efforts to promote recognition and loyalty to your company or business.

◦Your company/product name or logo on a prime location on the race car.
◦Your company’s name or logo on our Team T-shirts.
◦2 team T-shirts.
◦Framed, autographed photo of “your” car and driver.
◦At least one personal appearance by our team at your place of business or company event of your choice.

◦Your company/product name or logo on the hood of the race car.
◦Your company/product name or logo first and largest on our team T-shirts.
◦Your company/product banner displayed in our pit area.
◦Your company name listed prominently on our web site.
◦4 team T-shirts.
◦Framed, autographed photo of “your” car and driver.
◦At least one personal appearance by our team at your place of business or company event of your choice.

Business Week defined motorsports as “sold out grandstands crammed with fans who think nothing of spending a weekend and hundreds of bucks at an event. Race fans don’t just turn out in droves, they’re intensely loyal to the brands they associate with the sport.”

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